Let's boost your business productivity and add a little pinch of fun & magic to it, Shall We?

Because “Exhausted” & “overworked” are to feel when you're in a soul-sucking job, not entrepreneurship!

Hey there!

I’m Kenz, The founder & CEO of Her Digital Business which is the place to be for digital female entrepreneurs to elevate their business performance & productivity using tools & resources that makes running an online business as easy, fun, and profitable as possible.

In the past 5 years, I’ve been blessed to be able to teach over 40,000 digital entrepreneurs from over 170 countries worldwide how to get better results from their business faster, easier, and with a lot more fun with the right tools, mini-courses, and resources.

 And in 2020 I was honored to become a team leader in the one and only Female Entrepreneur Association to help, cheer, and empower female entrepreneurs just like you to build, run, grow, and scale a digital business.

 All while being a full time mom & housewife, running multiple businesses, and enjoying as many movie nights & game nights with my family as possible!

 Now don’t let all that fool you into thinking I’m a super human (even though I wish I had a super power of freezing time like that lady in “Charmed” — Yes, I’m old! — but I have high hopes for joining Hogwarts next year!)

I’m just a girly, geeky, dreamy woman who gets to help & inspire the world in the morning and do dishes & help with homework in the afternoon.

Working together means more fun in your business, more free time on your calendar, and as many guilt-free breaks on your work day as possible!

Time to give your marketing calendar a makeover!