So you're trying to build another ordinary "digital business" BUT.....

Why be ordinary when you can be EPIC!

You deserve a business that’s:
  • Empowering: for you to use your unique voice and for the people you serve to keep going in their journey!
  • Profitable: for you so you can live your dream life and for the people you serve so that they can live their best life too!
  • Inspiring: for you so you enjoy every moment of it and never feel your actually working and for the people you serve so they can enjoy the journey as much as as possible and not give up
  • Captivating: for you so you always want to keep growing it and leave your unique mark in this world and for the people you serve so that they remember how much their lives changed thanks to working with you!

And this is exactly what I help you do!

Hi, I'm Kenz Soliman

a wife/mom/stationery & craft supplies addict/pink & glitter junkie from Egypt who decided in 2011 to start an online business, Struggled to fit in for FOUR YEARS , Then decided to do things my own way in July 2015 when I started teaching my first (and very messy) online course on Udemy.

In my first four years online I:

  • Wanted to make ANY money online and was barely making anything.
  • Tried it all! (or at least thought so!) affiliate marketing, freelance websites, reselling cheap broken software, and yes, I even spammed groups with links in comments thinking I’m doing the right thing!
  • Had a thing that looks like a logo that I made on PicMonkey as my profile picture on social media (and I was so proud of it! lol)
All of this was because of following advice from some marketers on some forums that I thought were teaching me their “tips & tricks” and I followed everything they said thinking it was the only right way… Even when I felt it doesn’t make sense at all.
The results? ZERO!
Nobody knew who I am
Nobody bought anything from me or through my affiliate links.
and I was marked as a spammer in most of social media.

Fast-forward to today after teaching online courses on course marketplaces:

  • I have over 50,000 entrepreneurs worldwide taking my courses and leaving raving reviews.
  • I did my first ever TEDx talk sharing my story and my message.
  • I work with one of my idols after following her for years and wishing she could even know my name one day! Now I’m a community team leader of her most prestigious female entrepreneurs membership.
  • I have true friendships and met some incredible people from around the world even though I never traveled outside of my country (yet).
  • I am living my best life in my own way! (built my dream home office/craft room from my business earnings, have more time to cuddle with my son and have as many family game nights & movie nights as we want/making sales almost automatically every…single…month..!

How was I able to do all this?

It all started with a decision…to NOT fit in!

To do things my way, add my own touch to things, and have fun with it all!
And as glamorous as that may sound, It wasn’t easy and I had tons of fears to deal with….
I was afraid of failing
I was afraid of success (Yup! That’s a thing!)
I was afraid no one would buy from a Hijabi housewife from Egypt who doesn’t look like one of those “gurus”
But I learned from my journey so far that you can be who you are and have all the fears in the world and STILL succeed in your own way! And actually have fun with it!

And if I can do this, why can’t you? Right?

So if you’re ready to build an EPIC business in your own unique way, I can’t wait to meet you and be of service & support to you!

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