Grow your audience, impact and confidence with online courses.

Discover the MAGIC way to build a wildly successful course business without paid ads or social media.


You want it so much you can taste it!

A business that makes you jump out of bed in the morning to enjoy another peaceful day with lots of guilt-free breaks and as many movie & game nights with your family as you can have!.

An email inbox bursting with raving reviews, love notes from people you’ve helped, and some cha-ching notifications!.

A feeling of peacefulness mixed with happiness & excitement with a sprinkle of accomplishment that you get wrapped in every time you check how many lives you’ve helped today!.

And if you can imagine it and feel it, you so can make it happen! and I’m here to help you do exactly that!.

Because all of this is possible for you, and it all starts with one little idea that turns into a course and that course you create will change so many lives including yours.

Hi, I'm Kenz Soliman

I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs share their voice, teach their magic worldwide, and grow their audience through collaboration, creating simple online courses, and hosting tiny podcasts. 

After creating over 70 online courses in 2 languages, teaching over 100,000 students worldwide, and going through all the ups and downs of building a course business on my own terms using all of my skills and not sticking to a certain “niche”, I made it my mission to help as many multi-passionate entrepreneurs break free of the “niche” culture, set their own rules, and share their voice and message with the world through collaborations, courses, and podcasting but with their own personal twist to it all.

Warning: working together will include lots of Disney references, Magic spells, and burning of so many rule books. I want to help you create courses to change so many lives, not just yours and my mantra is: The course you create today can change a life tomorrow.

Ready for a boost of multi-passionate magic? I have everything I offer in one page for you to dive in and choose our next adventure together!

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My 10-minute course adventure

and why you should trust your crazy ideas! I share with you the story of my 10-minute course adventure and the lessons I learned from trusting my crazy idea, and

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