What makes a product the bestsellers in nearly every niche?

In every product sales page you’ve ever seen. Isn’t the phrase “Peek over my shoulder while I…” very compelling?

Whether the person who wrote this is showing you how to create your own logo or how to fix the sink, the phrase “Peek over my shoulder while I…” will always be intriguing and you’ll be interested to get the opportunity to see an expert do what she does best. And that’s just what makes this type of product the bestseller in nearly every niche.

Why exactly do we buy it?! Here’re 3 reasons why:
  1. We want to make sure “we did it right”:

We very likely already perform the tasks this “over the shoulder” product teaches, but we question if we’re doing it the best, most efficient way. Is there a newer method that works better? Is there a less expensive or time-consuming technique? Or do we know a better way (that feeling of smugness is its own reward)?

By buying the product that show us exactly how others work, we’re finding out how we can work better, while still building up our confidence.

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  • We want save time & take a shortcut:

When we’re just starting out (or even if we’re not) it can be helpful to cut through all the trial and error and get right to what works. After all, if you can skip the months and months of learning—not to mention the expense—why wouldn’t you? If you trust that the seller really does have it all figured out, purchasing the over-the-shoulder training can be a great shortcut and you can always refine the methods as you go.

  • We want to know their “secrets”:

Occasionally, we fall into the trap of thinking that there must be a “secret.” If only we had the right template, we’d finally be able to write that novel. If only we had the right interview questions, we’d finally be able to find a VA. If only we had the right dating profile checklist, we’d finally get a date.

Of course, there’s more to success in any niche than a checklist or template, but when we can dig into what is proven to work for others, it gives us that boost of confidence we need to continue moving forward.

So next time you see a product or program that offers to share an expert’s proven system, ask yourself why it seems so compelling to you. What’s triggering your interest? Chances are, it’s one (or more) of these reasons.
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